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Email list creation
We create a custom sign up web page, branded to you (no third party advertising or logo), for you to gather email address and demographic information from your customers. Your customers will get to the sign up page from your web site.

Email delivery
We are able to deliver hundreds, thousands, or millions of email messages quickly and efficiently. By using our campaign scheduler, you are able to schedule the date and time of delivery to best suite your needs.

Bounce mail management
We ensure your list quality is maintained by giving you the opportunity to view undeliverable mail prior to removing it from a list.

Database hosting & management
We store your database at the Mail I Want secure data center. Our professional database managers work around the clock to ensure that your data is manageable, accurate, and secure. The Oracle database is the heart of the Mail I Want Email Marketing System, it's what allows you to target your email to specific lists and segments of lists.

Email personalization
We make it easy for you to personalize your email messages. Your emails can include first name, last name, city, state, and any other information that you've collected on your customers.

By analyzing your campaigns, you can learn valuable information that you will use to make subsequent campaigns more and more effective. Mail I Want makes this easy by providing button driven reports that are customized to your specific industries requirements.

Customer Service
Our highly trained customer service representatives are on hand to answer any questions you may have, whether you're an experienced user or a beginner, we're here to walk you through the system step by step.

Security (data & system)
Your list and the privacy of your customers are protected with multiple layers of security to prevent tampering with your data or unauthorized mailings.

Response tracking
You are able to track click throughs to any link included in your emails. This allows you to see who, and what percentage, of people click on the links that you include in your emails.

List management & maintenance
We ensure your list quality is maintained, by automatically handling unsubscribes and undeliverable mail.

Campaign archiving
You have the ability to save campaigns to be used at a later date. By combining this with the reporting feature, you have the opportunity to re-use your most effective campaigns again and again.

Automated unsubscribe
Each message you send out includes an "unsubscribe" option. This is critical to the opt-in email model because it allows your subscribers to manage their own subscriptions. By automating this process, it saves you time and reduces the number of customer complaints.

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