The Mail I Want Email Marketing System (EMS) is a complete "opt-in" solution that gives you everything you need to run successful email marketing campaigns by using the power of one to one permission marketing. Mail I Want makes it easy for you to:

Build Email Lists Much more than a way to save on postage, the Mail I Want EMS allows you to learn more about your customers and prospects as they sign up for your email lists. By requesting specific information about a subscriber's interests you can better target your content and promotional message.

Create & Send Rich HTML Messages Professional looking eNewsletters, invitations, announcements, press releases, and more can be created using Mail I Want’s HTML editor OR the MIW system makes it easy to import documents created with other web development applications. Just select the list or lists you want to send to and your message is on its way!

Track the Success of Your Efforts How many people actually received your message? How many people opened it? Which links were the most popular? Find out using the Mail I Want EMS reporting tools.

PLUS We ensure that the quality of your list is maintained by automatically handling unsubscribes and undeliverable mail. In addition, we store your database at the Mail I Want secure data center.

Ask About Our EMS for Agencies Program

Our EMS for Agencies Program allows agencies to manage all of their clients’ email needs with one solution or create a "private label" version that you can resell to clients. This program is also valuable to trade associations to resell to members or chapters across the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting and profitable program.

Why Email Marketing?

Email is an established medium for communicating with your customers.

Ninety percent of consumers check email several times a day, according to a Double Click survey.

Forty-four percent of consumers report their use of email as "constant," up 11 points from the company's 2004 survey.