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What is the Mail I Want E-mail Marketing System?

The Mail I Want Email Marketing System (EMS) is a secure web based application that businesses use to build and maintain personal relationships with their customers. From building a customer email list and creating email campaigns, to email delivery & campaign result reporting, Mail I Want's EMS provides you with all the tools you need to successfully launch and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Mail I Want EMS Services

Email list creation
Email delivery
Bounce mail management
Database hosting & management
Email personalization
Customer Service
Security (data & system)
Response tracking
List management & maintenance
Campaign archiving
Automated unsubscribe

Banner ads have a response rate between .005 to 1%. Direct mail programs typically generate an average 1 to 2%. Opt-in e-mail campaigns produce an average response rate of 5 to 15%..*

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Use the system for:

Menu updates
Last minute deals
Off season specials
Birthday-anniversary specials
Holiday announcements & specials
Preferred customer programs
Customer loyalty programs
Special event announcements
Weather, snow & fishing reports
Daily-weekly specials
New product announcements
Purchase confirmations
Order status updates
Welcome letters
Price alerts
Sale announcements
Product cross or up selling
Subscription renewals
Industry updates


How The Process Works

Step 1: Build your list

We will create and host a web based "Email List Signup Page" that allows you or your customers to go online and sign them up for one or more of your "lists". This page will gather your customer demographics and place it into a "profile", which will allow you to target specific emails to individual customers.

Step 2: Create your campaign

Use the Campaign Manager to create your campaign. It's as easy as choosing a list (or subset of a list), and typing the subject and the body of the message.

Step 3: Send your emails

Send hundreds, thousands or even millions of emails with the touch of a button. If desired, you can send a limited number of emails to a test segment of your list, to track results, and optimize the rest of the campaign.

Step 4: Track your success

Track responses to your campaign using the EMS reporting features. With the touch of a button, you can track your campaign to see who's clicked on your links, cost per click through, and much more.

With the Mail I Want E-mail Marketing System, you will improve customer relationships, loyalty and retention, by using our strategic one to one relationship building system.

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